BMW E31 and E36 MID/OBC computer Ribbon cable
  • BMW E31 and E36 MID/OBC computer Ribbon cable

BMW E31 and E36 MID/OBC computer Ribbon cable

Ribbon Cable for BMW E31 18 button and E36 8 or 11 buttons OBC computer
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New ribbon cable for BMW 3 series (E36), 8 series (E31) OBC (on-board computer) pixel repair. Some people call it MID computer.

Applicable for:

  • E31 (8 series BMW) - 18 button OBC
  • E36 (3 series BMW) - 8 or 11 button OBC

Attention: this part will NOT fit E36 (3 series BMW) 18 button OBC!

The problem of missing pixels probably most common for all above mentioned models. It is very frustrating to have an premium brand car and being unable to see the computer information messages.

Small tip before you purchase - the newer is your car the bigger chance is that you'll need new LCD display as well and if you'll keep your existing LCD display - new ribbon cable installation would not help. So if you decided that you are able to perform the installation - disassemble your MID and inspect the condition of your original LCD screen before you order this part.

If you see something like on the photo below - LCD needs to be replaced:

Make sure, that you have special soldering iron T-Tip for installation (type TTIP into the search box).

We also provide pixel repair service. If you have any doubts or questions - please contact us @ 1-800-PIXL-FIX before you about to break anything :)

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