40w Soldring iron with T-Tip
  • 40w Soldring iron with T-Tip

40w Soldring iron with T-Tip

Soldring Iron with T-Tip Tool for Ribbon Cable Installation (40w)
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The soldering iron flat t-tip adapter coupled with a 40w soldering iron to complete a number of repairs. The adapter and rubber cable can be used specifically for applications that might include ribbon replacements for select BMW dashboards, BMW mid-radios, Mercedes Benz instrument cluster, SAAB automatic climate control, SAAB SID1, SAAB SID2 and more. Repair instructions are not included, only the OEM T-Tip adapter and rubber cable are included.

Please note, that soldering iron choise should be based on the type of the ribbon cable you need to apply. In general, if you have carbon ribbon cable you need to go with 30w soldering iron but if you have silver ribbon cable you need to choose 40w soldering iron.

We have been asked often - how many times it is possible to use the rubber strip? Answer: if it is not overheated it may be used multiple times (up to 20-30). In case it is overheated it become brittle and need to be replaced. We do have those rubber strips separately in stock. They goes for $4.50 for about 8" long strip.

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