Stepper Motor for BMW Instrument Cluster
  • Stepper Motor for BMW Instrument Cluster
  • Stepper Motor for BMW Instrument Cluster

Stepper Motor for BMW Instrument Cluster

Stepper Motor for BMW instrument clusters. Will fit temperature, fuel, speedometer, tachometer gauges
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Stepper motor for BMW instrument cluster

Applicable for coolant temparature, fuel, speedometer, tachometer gauges in the following cars:

  • BMW 5 series E39
  • BMW 7 series E38
  • BMW X5 E53
This stepper motor will NOT fit MPG gauge. If you need MPG gauge stepper motor please type BMWSM2 into the search box.


Here is what happens - you try to repair pixel in your instrument cluster and accidently damage the stepper motor (or multiple motors) and as a result you get non-working gauge (any of those - fuel, temperature, MPG, speedometer, tachometer). Needles stuck, moves roughly or doesn't move at all. You are disappointed, which is understandable. It is to early to be sad yet - do not discard this damaged cluster! We still can repair it for you. 

If you have any questions - feel free to ask BEFORE you purchase this part. 

Please see the example of the damaged tachometer needle in the video below:


We are here to help with that problem if you do not feel comfortable of replacing the stepper motors by yourself - we can replace non-working stepper motor(s) ($50 each stepper motor including replacement labor) and if you still didn't fix your pixels - we can do it for you as well ($169 pixel repair not including stepper motor repair). Contact us for the details @ 1-800-PIXL-FIX

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